Fresno County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Fresno CEDS report

The Fresno CEDS report is a state of the art document that describes the socioeconomic conditions and the business attraction and retention targets for 15 small and medium sized cities and the unincorporated areas of Fresno County. The consulting team engaged in regular meetings with a Committee of stakeholders to facilitate agreements about regional economic development goals, strategies and implementation actions. Information about local proposed projects and implementation actions were obtained from interviews with fifteen City Managers or their designated economic development staff person. The report included performance measures of success and a regional resilience strategies to address the potential for long-term drought or other natural or man made disaster, consistent with the 2016 EDA requirements.

Knights Landing Revitalization Study

Knights Landing Revitalization

The Knights Landing revitalization study identified improvements that could enhance this unincorporated Sacramento River community as a visitor serving recreational destination, and to improve commercial services and amenities for community residents. The Revitalization Study analyzed and described the community's economic development potential, the market demand for building new commercial real estate, and the FEMA flood control building constraints that prohibits the development of new buildings and tenant improvements that exceed 50 percent the value of existing buildings. The final report recommended an approach to funding new flood protection levies and streetscape improvements that will better connect the river oriented recreational opportunities with the downtown corridor. Two community meetings obtained input from local residents about existing conditions and community revitalization goals and strategies.

Other Projects

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  • Highway 99 Corridor Market Study (Tulare County)
  • Lacey Real Estate Market Study
  • Pacifica Economic Development Plan
  • Glenbrook Basin Infill Study (Grass Valley)