Highway 99 Corridor Market Study (Tulare County)

web3 smThe Highway 99 Market Study focused on the potential to revitalize five small, unincorporated (predominately) Latino communities located along Highway 99. It has been difficult to diversify the occupational mix of available jobs by recruiting business to Traver, Goshen, Tipton, Pixley and Earlimart where workers are employed in nearby farms, agricultural processors and distribution establishments. The market study identified the potential to expand the agricultural cluster by strengthening the buyer-supplier relationships as Tulare County’s economy is dominated by the production of agricultural commodities, most of which are exported into national and world markets. The study also identified other manufacturing, wholesale trade and transportation sector targets that can realistically be attracted to specific sites with adequate infrastructure services and proper land use designations. . The market study was incorporated into Tulare County’s Sustainable Communities Plan.

Download Highway 99 Corridor Market Study (PDF)


Lacey Real Estate Market Study

web4 smThe market study provided the City with baseline information needed to help their ongoing efforts to diversify and strengthen the economic base, expand commercial services and attract new industrial and business park tenants. The study delivered a list of every business establishment that operates within the City Limits along with an inventory of built commercial space that was sorted into five distinct commercial areas of the City. The database was transferred to City Staff for their immediate efforts to attract tenants to underutilized space, and their long-term efforts monitor land use as new space is built and commercial tenants change. A retail leakage analysis was also completed along with projections of land demand for business park and industrial uses. This information guided the preparation of the City’s first Comprehensive Plan Economic Development Element.

Download Lacey Real Estate Market Study (PDF)


Pacifica Economic Development Plan

pacificaPacifica’s Economic Development Plan capitalizes on the City’s location along Highway 1, its beautiful public beaches and proximity to the San Francisco International Airport. The ED Plan identified long-term strategies and short-term action steps to develop vacant and underutilized land sites, leverage tourism opportunities and expand the City’s capacity to implement projects and initiatives. The Plan also addressed the City’s potential to collaborate with the business community, property owners, and residents to strengthen and diversify the economy, stabilize the fiscal base, attract higher paying jobs, and improve the quality of life. Stakeholder interviews, a business survey and monthly meetings with the City’s Economic Development Committee helped the process of building capacity to implement economic development initiatives. The City Council approved the final ED Plan report in August 2013, but the city manager’s retirement delayed implementation. A new city manager and an Economic Development Director were hired in 2014 to implement the on-going initiatives.

Download Pacifica Economic Development Plan (PDF)


Glenbrook Basin Infill Study (Grass Valley)

road truckThe Glenbrook Basin Infill study identified the potential to attract new investment that will develop higher and better uses on vacant and underutilized parcels within Grass Valley’s primary commercial business district. Infill development within the Glenbrook Basin district is constrained by steep topography, possible soils contamination, non-conforming zoning, local government land use policies, and the small size of land parcels. Eleven priority infill development sites were identified that ranged in size from a single parcel occupied by a car wash to 12 acres of vacant land. The study also identified public improvement projects and funding tools that can encourage new investment and overcome the land development constraints.

Download Glenbrook Basin Infill Study (PDF)