Yve Susskind (Associate)

Yve SusskindYve Susskind is a planning professional with a broad range of work experience that includes earning a PhD in urban planning from the University of Michigan. Ms. Susskind has been working with W&A since the firm was started in March 2007. She often collaborates on stakeholder interviews and she helps manage the models used to estimate built space, land demand, and the demand for new commercial retail space. Her larger role in the firm is to collect and analyze socioeconomic data, and to help write and edit the deliverable products. In addition, Dr. Susskind has provided organizational and leadership development, strategic planning, program design, and evaluation services to nonprofit and government clients, particularly in the education sector. She has also produced many journal articles with a particular focus on youth participation in planning. Additional experience includes being a high school teacher, functioned an independent management consultant, and a non-profit organization manager.